Thursday, April 03, 2008

Re: Séries télé

Answer's to the séries télé quiz are below. Typically, when importing TV series, we tend to either:
  • Keep the original title (more and more - see Heroes, Weeds... even How I met your mother)
  • Keep the original title but make it more self-explanatory ("24 heures chrono", "The Closer : L.A. Enquêtes prioritaires"...)
  • Completely change it, and ideally make sure it has nothing to do with the original title, in order to increase confusion... like below
1. La Croisière s'amuse = E. The Love boat
2. Alerte à Malibu = I. Baywatch
3. Arnold et Willy = K. Diff'rent Strokes
4. Newport Beach = G. The O.C. (I guess O.C. is
5. La quatrième dimension = A. The Twilight Zone
6. L'Agence tous risques = D. The A Team
7. Les Experts = H. CSI
8. Enquêteur malgré lui = J. Psych
9. Larry et son nombril = F. Curb your enthusiasm (Larry and his navel!)
10. Sur écoute = C. The Wire
11. Mon oncle Charlie = B. Two and a Half Men


Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Séries télé

Une série télé = a TV series

Can you match the French TV series below with their original titles?

1. La Croisière s'amuseA. The Twilight Zone
2. Alerte à MalibuB. Two and a Half Men
3. Arnold et WillyC. The Wire
4. Newport BeachD. The A Team
5. La quatrième dimensionE. The Love boat
6. L'Agence tous risques F. Curb your enthusiasm
7. Les ExpertsG. The O.C.
8. Enquêteur malgré lui H. CSI
9. Larry et son nombril I. Baywatch
10. Sur écouteJ. Psych
11. Mon oncle CharlieK. Diff'rent Strokes