Thursday, April 03, 2008

Re: Séries télé

Answer's to the séries télé quiz are below. Typically, when importing TV series, we tend to either:
  • Keep the original title (more and more - see Heroes, Weeds... even How I met your mother)
  • Keep the original title but make it more self-explanatory ("24 heures chrono", "The Closer : L.A. Enquêtes prioritaires"...)
  • Completely change it, and ideally make sure it has nothing to do with the original title, in order to increase confusion... like below
1. La Croisière s'amuse = E. The Love boat
2. Alerte à Malibu = I. Baywatch
3. Arnold et Willy = K. Diff'rent Strokes
4. Newport Beach = G. The O.C. (I guess O.C. is
5. La quatrième dimension = A. The Twilight Zone
6. L'Agence tous risques = D. The A Team
7. Les Experts = H. CSI
8. Enquêteur malgré lui = J. Psych
9. Larry et son nombril = F. Curb your enthusiasm (Larry and his navel!)
10. Sur écoute = C. The Wire
11. Mon oncle Charlie = B. Two and a Half Men



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